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Super Excited to bring you Home Alert

Yes, we are excited to be informing you on day-to-day development in real estate projects both commercial and residential housing, lands opportunity in developed and developing areas of Lagos and beyond.

Currently, we have a couple of newly built houses in prestigious locations in Lagos Nigeria. These houses are beautifully designed, located in conducive environments, spacious rooms, extra-large master bedrooms, high taste kitchens, family lounges, ample parking space, coupled with modern day lightings and floor tiles. With amazing leisure facilities, totally built to meets your needs.

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Engages in high-profiled properties with good returns.

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Bridge Gap.

Brings newly developed properties closer to off-takers effortlessly.

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Offers day-to-day updates and sales of developed and developing properties.


40,000,000 NGN - Closed

Maisonette, Mainland

18,000,000 NGN - Active

Studio Apartment, Island

65,000,000 NGN - Closed

Fully Detached, Island

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A registered real estate agent that focuses on day-to-day updates and sales of properties, using all the available tools to showcase properties in the best way possible to the largest off-takers base.


Aruna, Ikorodu - Lagos, Nigeria. Business hours: Mon - Sat: 09:00 - 17:00

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